Shopping with electric veichles

The growing presence of charging infrastructure in shopping centres is an indication of what direction mobility si heading to, however slowly it is moving.

The theme of sustainable mobility in shopping centres through the voice of several players in this sector: go shopping in electric cars and recharge them thanks to the columns placed in the parking lot, or use an electric scooter among the aisles, is not a science fiction scenario.


To activate the charging from the columns, even in the parking lots of shopping centres, the most common methods are Apps, QR Codes, Rfid cards, and mixed systems.
In this regard, Simone Melani, marketing manager of Generale Sistemi, has an authoritative voice. This company, with "In-Presa" brand, has developed, supplied, and integrated many operations for ten years, from a single Oem control card to complete systems for charging electric vehicles in the parking and mobility sector. To date, the company boasts the supply of almost 10,000 global charging points at global level and it stands out in the large-scale retail trade sector for having integrated barcode readers in the recharging points, activating an immediate connection with management and marketing programmes of the chain.

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Prato 01-02-2019