TagMaster has a long history in long-range RFID. We have a variety of applications in some of the most demanding context around the world. Generale Sistemi is an ideal partner for TagMaster at the Italian market. With their technical skills and market awareness, we are particularly pleased to have partner cooperation with them, a partnership that goes back for many successful years now! …

Jonas Svensson: CEO - TagMaster AB


A ten-year presence in the market, first as Distribution of Systems and Technologies for the RFID industry, today joined to a structure with a wide experience in the application of high technologies for Automatic Identification using Radio Frequency.

A competitive advantage that allowed Generale Sistemi to become a landmark in areas not only directly related to RFID, such as that of the new mobility.

All this permits us to present the company not only as a technology provider but also as a subject worker in Integrated Projects, with an addition and practical skills in the design of innovative Solutions, oriented towards the new markets and important technologic innovation processes.

Knowing how to get the benefits offered by new technological knowledge, actualizing them into innovative solutions today is the main source of the statement of the company.

Generale Sistemi aims therefore to strengthen the distribution activity in Italian and foreign markets for major global manufacturers of RFID technologies and increase Strategical Partnerships.

At the same time the radicalization on territory emerges through a number of Business Partners able to locally manage the different product sectors and internal-grown solutions. The systematic widespread of Solutions or Systems on the country, will allow the company to refine and test integrated solutions for future export markets.

The world of RFID technology, as well as mobility and transport, offer wide possibilities of applications, which require a deep knowledge to be optimized, both about technology and processes in which this will have to be applied.

Offering only products - whether it's a transponder or charging station or RFID antenna - is not enough to say that a solution has been delivered to the customer. A careful analysis of needs is required, and only after a feasibility study it is possible to propose turnkey systems that ensure the full compatibility between needs and technology, thus a product designed as 'fully custom', to perform exactly the functions required by the customer.

This is what distinguishes Generale Sistemi from the competition: a consultation and a custom design, where the know-how is put at service of the customer, always ensuring their satisfaction.