New site In-Presa the Electric Mobility Laboratory of Italy

The company behind the most important EVcharger production chains in Europe presents itself through a new site is a story telling rather than a showcase of proprietary and innovative products and solutions. So it was intended to summarize the story of the brand conceived by Adolfo Deltodesco, a real laboratory among the first in Europe in the study and research in the New-Mobility panorama. In-Presa was founded in 2007 as the result of the ten-year experience of the company of General Engineering Sistemi srl, active in the Parking, Mobility, Fleet Management Rail & Metro sectors and former collaborator of important international players in the sector. The intuition is to immediately focus on technological research rather than following the common trend of large and small companies to set up their own electricity column or resell products arriving from abroad. Thus this small laboratory quickly established itself as an authoritative entrepreneurial reality specialized in the nascent world of Hardware, Software and platform technology in the complex panorama of Electric Vehicle Charging.

A technological study laboratory that intercepts and responds to the pressing need for R&D in a sector that is only apparently ready to consolidate. In reality, the path of the " e-revolution " was, as is now known, marked by a profound uncertainty also given by the struggle between major manufacturers in the automotive world and the countries they represent, to affirm technological standards and corresponding products. On the other hand, for In-Presa already at the beginning of the decade, continuing to this day, a pioneering activity of design, development and integration from the single OEM control board to complete systems for charging electric vehicles on columns, panels, bars, shelters and charging stations. A job that has led the company to become the technological partner at the base of the charging systems of the major Global companies in this mobility revolution: such as ABB, SCAME, Repower, and many others ... In-Presa is certainly a particular SME in terms of history and skills within the e-Mobility world panorama. Far from the spotlight of communication in the sector but strongly present in the concreteness of the increasingly widespread recharging devices at a global level.

The new site therefore ... in addition to showing products for Main Player such as producers or multi-utilities, turnkey solutions for end users, consultancy for the vast business sector that wants to enter one of the most promising markets of the decade ... singular and typical history of the best made in Italy tradition. Born as a bet in times still far from the current interest in the EV world from a commissioned study on safety panels for recharging in the city of Florence, In-Presa has taken the first steps towards the production of HW and SW controllers, mind and heart modern charging stations, which are born in a far-sighted but technologically complex way as integral elements of the future Smart City. So not only charging but above all connectivity, IoT functionality, real-time diagnostics, power management, multimedia etc ..…. In a few years, collecting among its customers the largest companies in the world such as ABB or in the sector such as SCAME Parre, Repower, Skidata, etc ...

From the 35,000 charging points supplied in 32 countries affected by the technological solutions of our controllers and our platform. Not only production but also and above all study and design , Collaborations with Energy Managers and companies at the base of the urban decor of our cities such as Metalco. An extremely unique know-how therefore in the EVSE market alongside which the Tuscany SME has developed some of the most pioneering mobility projects: the first high-altitude Bike Sharing in Europe, the first Full Electric Car Sharing in Italy, or support for the Luiss Sharing service in Rome, the first Italian Bike Station network, the most efficient company electric bike sharing system with the Unipol case, etc. .

Systems unique in the world as a Master Charge system for the payment of the recharge directly on the Parking cash desk, the activation of the recharge with barcode of the existing Fidelity Cards in the large-scale distribution, direct integration with Hotel Software etc .. A history therefore extremely rich in case histories which would each be worth their own study, and which deserves to leave the active laboratories of Prato to be known and disclosed. The release of this new site is therefore also an opportunity to spread a positive example that the country system certainly needs at this time. Last but not least, the site is enriched in design thanks to the choice of a futuristic but real setting, which has always been one of the distinctive features of In-Presa "few renderings - many photos" concreteness vs utopia. Real economic sustainability and concreteness are the two pillars of In-Presa's design in supporting its partners. Therefore a design linked to the territory like the skyline of our city Prato from one of its architectural jewels the Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Center that appears on the Homepage. This image was chosen to underline precisely the nature of reality typical of Made in Italy based on an entrepreneurial tradition of the territory but projected towards the Smart City of tomorrow.

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Prato 04-06-2021