TagMaster has a long history in long-range RFID. We have a variety of applications in some of the most demanding context around the world. Generale Sistemi is an ideal partner for TagMaster at the Italian market. With their technical skills and market awareness, we are particularly pleased to have partner cooperation with them, a partnership that goes back for many successful years now! …

Jonas Svensson: CEO - TagMaster AB

Our story

1994 - first as a representative then with operational headquarters, Generale Sistemi is structured and affirmed in the field of RFID, with the distribution of a wide range of products and design of systems for automatic identification.

1999 - Generale Sistemi signed a Distribution agreement with TagMaster AB, leading multinational manufacturer and vendor of advanced Long Range RFID products for the transport sector including the complex and prestigious rail industry. Important customers as Fiat Auto Group, Merloni, Bayer, Quirinale and various Italian ministries choose our systems.

2004 - from this year and for the subsequent ones, "consumable" RFID products are establishing on market, mainly for recreational areas. In addition to a thorough search of reliable partners in South-Eastern Asia, it's noticeable that Generale Sistemi, oppositely to current trends, does not export the entire production of this sector. So the new brand RicreArea is created, which differs in the Tag market also for production and marketing of products at competitive cost but with Italian design and quality thanks to the company's internal production.

2006 - thanks to the positive trend due to the increasing business volume, Generale Sistemi decided to reorganize its structure with the introduction of the brand TagItalia. Solutions and product integrations for the Parking, Fleet Management and Waste Management become the new Bull Market business.

During these years Generale Sistemi, consolidated in major rail projects, demonstrates that also in the most demanding application it is the leading integrator of advanced RFID solutions for Long Range identification, a reliable and concrete reality in a position to successfully complete orders and complex projects, with hi-tech content..

2007 - Extending range of market leads to creation of the division In-Presa, dedicated to the development of systems for smart charging of electric vehicles. Being the result of the decennial experience in the Parking, mobility and fleet management sector, combined with the collaboration of important sector players internationally wide, In-Presa immediately establishes itself as a distinguished and decisive entrepreneurial entity of the R&D background, in the field of electric vehicles charging.

2012 - The company is active on major contracts even in the Middle East. Projects in the field of access control are completed in Jordan and UAE. Abu Dabhi railways are equipped with products provided by Generale Sistemi. Extended commercial agreements with TagMaster reserve to Generale Sistemi the scouting function and representation in countries of Mediterranean and Eastern Europe Areas.

2013 - Generale Sistemi now works on 3 business areas dedicated to the most important sectors of distributed RFID technology applications and green mobility. A market, being the one of RFID applications, where Generale Sistemi has gained an important position, with hundreds of systems installed in Italy and abroad. 2013 is also the year of milestone of 2000 electric charging points provided by Generale Sistemi.

2017 - TagItalia opens new markets with the distribution of new and prestigious technologic brands. In the perspective of a development towards services and solutions for Smart City, TagItalia has acquired the distribution of major brands in the IT sector for prestige and catalog. An expansion of its technology range as a result of a proven market strategy, both autonomously and following its main international partner Tagmaster.
2017 is thus a year of true business advancement in hi-tech sectors such as Biometrics, Traffic Identification and Detection, OCR and Automatic Number Plate Recognition.