Partnership with TBS

Worldwide excellence in the field of Biometrics

General Systems and proud to announce the birth of the country partnership with Touchless Biometric Systems world leader in the field of biometrics.
In the next few days we will spread more details on this strategic collaboration that sees us committed to finally bring in Italy solutions of security and access control in step with standards globally adopted and perfectly in line with the strict European and Italian rules on protection of privacy and protection of personal data.

A new and important piece of the solutions that the Tagitalia brand can count on to complete the offer of solutions for the 360-odd identification of Items, vehicles and personnel. All through the exclusive representation of a brand - as per tradition of General Systems - absolutely top of the range.

TBS is Switzerland’s global leader in high value-added and security biometric solutions, providing innovative solutions for access control and workforce management, as well as military security.
Here is the text of the press release issued by the company on behalf of its CEO Stefan Schaffner

"We are excited to announce our latest international partnership with Generale Sistemi, a leading automatic identification company based in Italy. This partnership will help us to extend our reach even further and continue to deliver world-class, secure, and reliable biometric solutions to our clients globally.

Generale Sistemi has established itself as a leading force in the automatic identification industry. Their years of experience and expertise enable them to provide effective solutions that cater to various sectors' specific needs. The collaboration brings together two industry leaders in automatic identification solutions and biometric technology to deliver reliable, world-class solutions to our clients in Italy.

The synergy of Generale Sistemi's high expertise in automatic identification and access solutions and our touchless biometric technology is an exciting prospect."

In the photo the Head of Strategic Development of General Systems Edoardo Deltodesco and the CEO of TBS Philippe Niederhauser

Pfäffikon, Svizzera 23-06-2023

Fonte: Linkedin News