Pdays 2018 - Comunication by Generale Sistemi

The biennial event Pdays - Mobility and Parking was held on 29th and 30th May 2018, organized by AIPARK at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence

Pdays event just ended and which saw the participation of Generale Sistemi with its own stand. Great Interest about Electric Mobility. Generale Sistemi srl is a leading company in RFID, ANPR, RTLS solutions, for Automatic Identification with the TagItalia brand, but also of EV Technologies with the In-Presa brand. Result of twenty years of experience in the field of Parking, Mobility and Fleet Management, combined with the partnership with the major international players, Generale Sistemi stands out as a unique reality in R&D. In-Presa means products based on the most widespread EVSE and collaborations on a wide range of projects: EV Parking, Car & Bike Sharing, EVTaxi Fleet etc ... An excellent know-how for developing or equipping vehicles charging systems Electrical and Automatic Controls in Parking areas projected towards the Smart City. The event was presented in this edition an absolutely and effective context to talk about Green Mobility. So, right choice to present at Pdays2018 the new Master Charge system. Multi-function of a completely installable system, totally adaptive with each charging device and able to make immediate payments on its own devices, even on the already installed installation. Above all a device based on a fundamental innovation or the closure of the circuit to the present management. A system based on clear concepts: SIMPLICITY and ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY. Two concepts that are truly "innovative" for this sector, in contrast to complex and non-efficient solutions by an automation that is too often pushed to the limit.

A project to enhance the private and public parking areas able to give proper sustainability to this market. The innovative and economically rewarding aspect of the project exhibited, largely counter-current to the popularization in terms of charging electric vehicles, has generated an important series of relationships with delegates and visitors.

Stand obviously saw the presence of the automatic identification and access control systems of TagMaster \ City Sync. Therefore, the integration between the well-known Rfid products of the Swedish multinational and the most recent solutions of LPR \ ANPR. Solutions that are now part of the unmissable objectives for every major player in the Parking sector.

Satisfaction therefore for the outcome of Pdays 2018, which has been defined by the specialized Press as an event i as regards the Parking and Smart Mobility "the door to change is already open". More information about this event can be found in Italian language by clicking the language button on top right corner of the page.

For further information please contact us through our email address info@generalesistemi.it