7000 Charging Stations in the world under the In-Presa brand

Electro News publishes the important goal achieved by In-Presa's Max Series EV controllers

Reached an important milestone for MAX series controllers by In-Presa, the brand by Generale Sistemi srl dedicated to Electric Vehicle Charging. Through the network of company's MVCs and its own one, In-Presa has provided 7200 Charging Points to date.

This is a significant amount, almost 8% on the European market of Public Charging Systems. Particularly, the expectations supported by this data are quite impressive in light of the fact that annual growth of orders is surpassing the average of more than 50%.

Evident the satisfaction of the company as stated by the Marketing Manager, Simone Melani :
"The diffusion of EV Chargers using our smart systems - from Columns to Wallboxes until E-Bike systems- has reached a global level with full compliance to the most important infrastructural standards, such as OCPP language. We receive integration and development requests from all over the world, from Thailand to Brazil, from China to Great Britain; even though we also maintain a direct partnership with small and medium-sized Italian enterprises, from the single Energy Manager to the Engineering and Installation corporations, until the Multi-utilities interested in joining the Electric Mobility business. Just for these entities, we are considering dedicated Business Plans. Currently in the world, the recharge of thousands of Electric Cars is available thanks to our controllers and we are confident to double this amount within the next 18 months already. Above all, this data allows us to boast our significant experience in the sector of E-Mobility, which makes us a particularly interesting player for the industrial consulting of plans voted to join the EV Marketplace".

The history of MAX line controllers is largely the history of this well-known In-Presa brand, initially with the various prototypes until the first success achieved with the industrialization of MAX2 model, dedicated to Columns thanks to the simultaneous management of two charging points.

Many are the variables and customizations that have been applied and are still ongoing. As a result of the market progressing, a more rational attention is being paid to Wallbox systems in comparison to the roadside charging station, and therefore it has been considered the need for a rationalized single-plug controller such as MAX1. According to R&D department of our company, the reason of this statement lies within the product itself.

Compared to competitors products, MAX series controllers are able to provide a range of functionalities extremely completed even in the base versions. From RFID authentication management to Energy Meters, Digital I/O, LCD Displays, plug block control and backup power supply, until the most comprehensive communication interfaces and buses now available, all 100% made in Italy and quality guaranteed.

The result is therefore an important milestone that needs to be celebrated. It is not, however, the real goal of our company, which instead has always been to remain a point of reference that goes with the slow but evident rationalization of the market in all its aspects, from regulatory standards to those concerning plugs and sockets, from vehicles to communication protocols. The advanced versions of the controllers are in late design state, completely modular and able to integrate additional functionalities, including connectivity by expanding the range of services on board from Power Management until APP and SMS management asserts in advance the Generale Sistemi's CEO, Adolfo Deltodesco.

There is a noteworthy, undisputed aspect of In-Presa's philosophy. The entities in the city of Prato weren't limited to the single industrialized product, but they continued to produce lines of aggregated products and especially solutions dedicated to the maximum exploitation of their devices. Custom EVSE, but also lines dedicated to Car Sharing and Company Bike Sharing, turnkey structures such as Electric Platform Roofs and Charging Stations, until major projects such as the Solar Bike Station.

Thanks to controllers, products and side projects (Server, Connectivity, Platforms, Charging Stations, Mobility Plans, etc..) the experience of the Tuscan SME represents one of the most singular best-practice in the now strategic Market of Green Mobility

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Prato 04-09-2017