Partnership Recogtech - TagItalia opens to the Biometric Sector

Significant operation by Generale Sistemi which has become the unique Italian distributor of Recogtech's products

The Dutch brand is the producer of some of the most appreciated and secure biometric solutions on the market like the Palm-ID device based on the biometric recognition of the Vascular Structure of the hand.
Satisfaction was expressed by both business entities: "We are very pleased to have a partnership with Generali Sistemi. Recogtech developes and supplies identification solutions that combine a high level of security with unrivalled user convenience. Secure access made simple. TagItalia can offer the right advice on our products and ensure they are installed correctly" stated Eduard de Knegt.

"Choosing to bring in Italy Recogtech's products comes from Generale Systemi's Mission to suggest Top-End products for innovative markets. In the field of biometrics we have decided not to propose ourselves as retailers of ordinary products usually produced outside EU, since it's an already saturated market and with low prospects of real use in the Italian legislation. Recogtech's products provide us with performance and robustness, tailored to customers with real-effective solutions but at the same time easy to transfer to our many customers and installer partners. In addition, the test check of rapidity and precision of the products carried out during these months dedicated to deepen the relationship with Recogtech have been really exciting experiences, prompting us to give immediate confidence to our new Dutch partner, "says the Generale Sistemi Marketing Manager, Simone Melani. Shortly the company will launch a press release campaign for these devices to meet the referents of different reference markets, penitentiary institutions and security.

Recogtech was the first company in the world to use Fujitsu's PalmSecureTM palm reader to create an effective access control solution based on recognition of the vein pattern in the hand. Eduard de Knegt, a member of the Dutch Association for Biometrics and Identity (VVBI), is also specialized in the area of biometrics himself. Proven technology for critical users Recogtech has since acquired an excellent reputation in the field of biometric security in the Netherlands and abroad. Our solutions are used by the government and justice system, by banks and hospitals, but also, for example, by multinationals with exacting demands when it comes to the security level and convenience of their access and identification systems. Winner of SSA Award In 2011 Recogtech's work was recognised with an SSA Award in the "solutions for government"category. SSA (Safety & Security Amsterdam) is the Netherlands leading trade fair in the area of safety and security.

TagItalia is a Generale Sistemi's division specialized in Automatic Identification Systems for People or Vehicle Access Control. A long term experience with hundreds of installations included but not limited to the following sectors: Rfid, Management and control of Company Fleets, Logistic and industrial automation, Vehicular ID on Fixed Location, Vehicular and People Access Control, Security and Restricted Areas Control, Safety assisting systems on Conveyor Belts and Presses, Identification Control for Trains, RTLS, Tracability, ANPR, OCR and visual identification, ed ora anche biometria.

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Prato 22-05-2017