Industrial Automation and Logistics

The research of solutions for logistics efficiency and industrial automation can be safely entrusted to Generale Sistemi: from handling of goods and semi-finished products in stock to the activation of machines subject to authorization, until the RTLS (Real Time Location System) solutions for visitors, employees, merchandise, access and documentation within a productive reality.
Through RFID tags and readers, even when fitted with sensors on board, it is possible to give an identifier to a product, check the storage or usage status or get an accurate schedule, allowing a perfect Traceability in real time of its processing and location.

From Item to Packaging, from Transport Unit to Container until the Vehicle Movement. The industrial sector is the most difficult to work with RFID technology because of the hard repeatability solutions, the environment in which radio frequencies must operate, the need to ensure the continuity and perfection of performance in order to not stop production process. Different plants require different solutions, which in turn require a deep understanding of the potential but also the limits of the different technologies (semi-active, UHF, Mifare and 125KHz) to be designed the best way.

Since always Generale Sistemi allows to improve the production activities of its customers by integrating the best performing technologies on plants, lines, machines, for the purpose of allowing fast decisions of resource redistribution to production or warehouse. Hence these technologies are able to improve the analysis of flows and processes to maximize the added value of the owners' products.
Finally, the developed solutions for industrial processes also provide and allow to identify employees and visitors, preventing unauthorized personnel to activate industrial machines that may endanger their own safety; to identify the individuals in a structure; to count visitors and guests; to carry out the tasks of information storage and data recorder (Black Box).
Therefore, not only Application for Supply Chain upgrading, but optimization of industrial processes and information framework for the attainment of Operational Excellence.

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