Business Divisions

With hundreds of projects realized in Italy and abroad, Generale Sistemi boasts many years of experience in the field of solutions based on RFID technology and its integrations.

Such experience led to the current structure of the company with its three distinctive Company Brands:

TagItalia is a Generale Sistemi's division specialized in Automatic Identification Systems for People or Vehicle Access Control. A long term experience with hundreds of installations included but not limited to the following sectors:

  • Management and control of Company Fleets
  • Logistic and industrial automation
  • Vehicular ID on Fixed Location
  • Vehicular and People Access Control
  • Security and Restricted Areas Control
  • Safety assisting systems on Conveyor Belts and Presses
  • Control Gates with Virtual Barrier
  • Control Gates provided with ID & Counter
  • Identification Control for Trains
  • Real Time Location Systems
  • Identification and sorting of waste for Waste Management
  • Traceability of Productive Cycle
  • Biometry
  • Automatic People Counting
  • Visual Identification via ANPR, OCR and LPR
  • Designing of RFID Systems

In-Presa is able to provide a significant contribute, thanks to its experience in the sector, from Smart Grid to Urban Mobility projects. It provides from the single OEM controller board to complete systems for electric vehicles charging on columns, panels or bars, platform roofs and stations:

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Network
  • Supply Systems with Smart Plug
  • Charging Systems based on Customer Loyalty
  • Company Charging Systems
  • Network Control Software for Vehicles
  • Electric Mobility Projects
  • Car Sharing e Bike Sharing
  • Electric Vehicles Fleet Management
  • Urban Logistics and Sustainability - Smart City

RicreaArea is the division dedicated to comprehensive technological solutions for the management of gyms, campgrounds, beach resorts, golf courses, swimming pools etc… RicreArea supports the companies of leisure, sport, wellness, SPA sectors which are looking to improve their offered service thanks to multiple solutions offered by radio frequency technology such as:

  • User Management in Recreational Areas
  • Identification Systems and Electronic Money
  • Integrated Access Service Systems
  • People and Vehicles Access Control
  • Timing and Sport Systems
  • User Identification in Campgrounds, Hotels, Resorts
  • Consumables for Social and Horeca Applications