Terms & Conditions for Sale and Assistance

Generale Sistemi Srl addresses to operators in the electronic and plant engineering sectors, to public and private users, distributors and retailers, with the policies described in the following documentations (available in Italian language only; please contact us if you need any help or assistance).

These Terms and Conditions regarding the Sale, Delivery, Assistance and Warranty are applied to any of these subjects and on all the supplies of goods and/or services carried out by the company GENERALE SISTEMI S.R.L. under any form for any kind of person, either natural or legal, assuming the following have been arranged with GS: purchase orders, products/goods under view or repair, free samples, and any other contractual condition.

The following conditions also regulate the use of contents and data located on this site and on every other support, whether on paper or not, leading to Generale Sistemi or any of its divisions.

T&C 210701 -Condizioni-di-Assistenza-e-Garanzia-aT&C 130612 Condizioni Generali di Vendita e ConsegnaT&C PB17 Listino Servizi

For the Policy of Generale Sistemi related to privacy management, please refer to the pertinent link indicated at the bottom of site page.