Mercato Ortofrutticolo di Fondi è Milestone

Release of relevant Case Study about a TagItalia system

TagItalia, in agreement with the MOF management, published the Case Studyrelated to the new automatic vehicular and pedestrian access management system.

The document reports - in informative way - the path made of hardware and software development and integration of Rfid Tagmaster products necessary for the management of a complex system such as that of the large Fondi market.

A series of important best practices, therefore, given the prestige of the client and the success of the operation. MOF is today the largest and most modern Italian concentration, conditioning and sorting center for fresh fruit and vegetables.

A true Logistic Platform between the North and the South of Europe, the Fondi Fruit and Vegetable Market is the privileged place of supply for the Italian metropolis and the large retailers, but also a strategic commercial structure for the distribution of fruit and vegetable production throughout the Mediterranean. Spread over an area of ​​335 hectares comprising 200 concessionaires, 10 of which are large agricultural cooperatives that group together 3,000 local producers, equipped with technologically advanced equipment for air conditioning, storage and custom processing of products, the latter being the most characterizes the "MOF System" complex. [...]

A challenge that deserves to be known and which confirms TagItalia's Know How to position itself as a professional referent for the GDO sector, also towards the major players.

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Prato 25-11-2018