Marketing Campaign Tag Detector Plus

Success in the new TagItalia campaign on the famous Safety system for Conveyors Belt in Risk Areas

Success for the new campaign of TagItalia dedicated to one of the most long-lasting and high-performance solutions using Rfid technology in the Industry and Waste Management sector. The campaign, based on the not so easy slogan "Security is not a Game", was sent following a massive lead-generation activity carried out through the practice of transparent telemarketing in order to gather membership and interest in receiving this information. Generale Sistemi is proud to be able to describe this aspect of attention towards its potential market with Best Practices based on respect for time and work towards its potential customers.

A real case study of creative and totally homemade marketing, from phone calls to the photo shoot, testifying to the passion and creativity of the staff of Generale Sistemi.

Passion also generated by the awareness of the value of the Tag Detector Plus solution, now more than ever in the areas of work at risk. A solution that for years has been active and appreciated on hundreds of plants. From the vast plant with several operators on different tapes to small single-tape or press plants where the operator is more often only in contact with the risk area.

Therefore, many contact have shown appreciation for the system that can block conveyor detecting the presence of personnel in a risk area. End users, security agencies, installers, integrators and even producers of conveyor have been able to know in a simple and effective way the real usefulness of one of the most long-lasting and widespread solutions of our company.
We therefore invite all those that we have not been able to reach with the campaign "TagItalia because security ... it's not a game!" Visit the complete information, soon a English version.

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Prato 17-04-2018