Generale Sistemi at Intertraffic 2018 Amsterdam

The central theme - as of the last two previous editions - is inevitably the Smart Mobility \ City with focus on Parking and Traffic Management.

Intertraffic is the leading trade fair for professionals in the Traffic Management and Transportation sectors. Since its launch in 1972, Intertraffic Amsterdam has become the platform of choice for professionals all over the world. This is a biennial event chosen by the major players in the sector to update on developments in products and solutions in the fields of infrastructure, traffic management, security and parking. World leading companies present their latest products and techniques during a 4-day period dedicated to business meetings and learning opportunities.

Also this year inevitably the focus is on the broader concept of Smart City - Smart Mobility. With such an important and broad theme it is obviously impossible to summarize the event. Certainly, Generale Sistemi was able to record an understandable attention to the IoT world, confirming the correctness of the corporate strategies of TagItalia and In-Presa.

During this last edition of Intertraffic it was an opportunity to participate in the official launch of the partnerships with the extensive international team formed by Tagmaster. Tagmaster AB is now become a real group dedicated to Parking \ Traffic and SmartCity has brought together in the prestigious stand all the new brands and their solutions recently acquired. The debut of the partnership with MagSys, a particularly innovative payment and parking solution, which Generale Sistemi will present on the Italian market soon; CitySync English company leader in ANPR \ OCR car parks; the presentation to the partners of the advanced products and solutions of theuk based CaTraffic, with Radar Detector and Mobility systems and the well-known Balogh.

The opportunity was therefore extremely interesting for Generale Sistemi for a point on products and strategies and get to know some of the protagonists of what will be the future of the TagItalia offer. "We confirm the possibility of having a really wide and detailed offer - probably unique on the Italian market - complete for standard solutions but also able to specialize in really interesting market niches in the broader horizon of NewMobility" declared our CEO Deltodesco followed the pleasant and useful meeting with the protagonists of the expanded Tagmaster team, with international colleagues and the management adding "the one with Tagmaster confirms is a truly strategic partnership to consolidate and support the affirmation and declination towards our reference markets".

Amsterdam 22-03-2018