Master Agreement TagItalia - Alia Spa in Toscana area

The tender awarded by GS for 125 Khz tag becomes operational for waste traceability.

Generale Sistemi srl confirms its excellence in the supply sector to large waste management companies. TagItalia products was first among the companies invited to respond to the needs of the new Tuscan waste management company Alia Spa.

The customer is in fact the new large management company for environmental services in central Tuscany. Alia is the aggregation of four historical companies in the territory Publiambiente Spa, ASM Spa, Quadrifoglio Spa and CIS srl with a share capital of 85 million euros. A single industrial entity that performs environmental services in 49 municipalities for a total basin of about 1.5 million inhabitants - 50% of the entire regional population, and which stands as the fifth sector operator at the national level.

. Alia spa thus found itself faced with important issues regarding the homogenization of its supplies. The important framework agreement for the supply of 125Khz Tag Rfid R \W is to be placed within the containers used for door-to-door waste collection.

A 36-month agreement with an important quantity of devices set in an indicative batch of 300,000 pieces. The public tender won by Generale Sistemi, which alone was able to provide the guarantees and industry production experience necessary to meet the required in February 2017. After understandable expectations given by Alia's need to organize its new and important internal structure, the order and supply procedures were activated.

The framework agreement and subsequent supplies are fully part of the strategy of this new macro player in the Italian Waste Management market: to increase and improve the Differentiated Collections through the tracking of the users, the optimization of the collection models and the monitoring of the service.

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